Monthly Photo Contest

March: light and shadow

We all know “To photograph is to write with light.” However, shadows add contrast and drama to otherwise dull photographs. Aside from adding depth to images, shadows themselves can be the subject of a photograph. Both light and shadow can add emotion to the photograph. The light and shadow together make the subject come to life. Learn to compose with light and shadow.

April: Lines and Patterns

A surefire way to attract a viewer to your images is to emphasize shape, line, patterns and/or textures. When combined with strong side light, very powerful yet simple images can be created. Look for contrasts between light and dark areas created by side light. Study the scene to see how curves play off each other or how they’re offset by straight or diagonal lines. In addition, note how different colors mold or blend together to create patterns.

May: Simplicity – less is more

June: Storytelling

July: Motion

Aug: Reflection

Sept: Night image

Oct: Creative Image

Nov: Photo Essay

Dec: Holidays, no contest

Jan (2019): Annual competition in multiple themes