2018 March Contest Results

Thank you all for participating this month’s contest and congratulations to the following winners as critiqued by Jeff Dunn, Certified Judge of Northern California Council of Camera Clubs. His commentary to each winning photo and document on how to choose photo titles are also attached here for your reference.

Advanced Group

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Honorable Mentions

Beginner Group

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Honorable Mentions



Jeff Dunn’s commentary on the winning photos

Jeff Dunn’s document on choosing photo titles

All participating photos

Advanced Group
Beginner Group

Photography exhibition in North Texas Performance Art Center

As co-organizer of Eastern Impression (东方印象), NTAPA will host photography exhibition in Willowbend Mall North Texas Performance Art Center from May 1st to May 30th. If you would like to participate, please submit no more than 5 photos to Megan (mjane0110@gmail.com) by Friday 4/13 11:59pm for selection. NTAPA art Committee will make the final selection. Printing, framing, picture hanging will all be taken care of by NTAPA. The individuals whose photograph is selected will be responsible for the actual cost of printing and framing, which may vary time to time depending on how deep the discount we can get from the sale of frames. When you submit your photo, please give it a title, and price in the size of our standard framing if you would like to take an offer in case anyone is interested in purchasing.

Photography Trips

Dear all,

The followings are tentative plans for 2018 group trips. Since the planning is always prospective, sometime it is hard to predict one’s schedule in the future. We are grateful to those who are willing to lead. As we are soliciting more trip planners we surely will continue to add more trips to the plan.

The following trip categories are suggested, but not limited to:

A. Flowers and foliage
1. Dallas Arboretum, Mid-March (planner: Paul Wang)

B. Wildlife and nature
1. Texas coastal birding, Shangri-la Botanical Garden, March 9-11 (planner: Lei Zhang)
2. Caddo Lake, late Oct. or early Nov., 3 days (planner: Wenchi)
3. Birding, UT Southwester campus, May 19 (planner: Mike He)
4. Birding, Bosque del Apache, NM, Nov 21-25 (planner: Mike He)

C. City architecture and urban life
1. Dallas skyline, Feb. 8 (closed. planner: Guangming Li)
2. Tennis photography, May or June, Frisco (planner: Xiaopeng Li)

D. Wild, wild West
1. Location TBA, Fall, 7-10 days (planner: Robin Lee)

E. Performances and shows

F. People and Studio
1. Model-shoot, Downtown Plano, Jan. 28 (closed, planner: Shirley and executive committee)

G. Night
1. Milky way, Ft. Griffin, West Texas, July (planner: Wenchi)

Questions can be directed to Lei Zhang 210-834-3508 or Yipin Wu 734-214-1271

Thank you. Happy releasing!
Zhang, Lei

Welcome to NTAPA


North Texas Asian Photographer’s Association (NTAPA) was established in 2003 by a group of people who share the same passion for photography, personal well-being, and environmental stewardship. We aim to promote the art and science of photography through educational experiences, informational sessions, inspiration, and opportunity for self-growth and camaraderie for all persons interested in photography. NTAPA is a Section 501©3 nonprofit organization.

Every year we organize various field trips, near and far, led by our experienced members in order to exchange photographic knowledge and promote fellowship. In our monthly meeting we regularly hold art critique sessions and photograph contests. Our members are encouraged to participate in all forms of professional seminars and competitions. We host multiple local photograph exhibitions at major art centers every year. NTAPA offers public photography education programs, publishes weekly newspaper column, and provides community photography services.

Our members range from dedicated amateurs to devoted dedicated professionals. Our Special Interest Groups (SIG) includes Canon/Nikon camera system, tripod/lenses/lighting equipment discussion, Photoshop / Lightroom postprocessing, hiking for personal well-being groups, and is growing continuously. We welcome you to join us. Membership fee is $40 annually.



1  Jin Li  (File name: 10_Firework)

2  Li Xiang Peng (File name: 01_Firework)
3  John Shi (File name: 02_Firework)
4  Lijuan Jing  (File name: 13_Firework)
5 Jean Zhao (File name: 06_Firework)
6 Alice Yang   (File name: 33_Firework)
7 Lei Zhang  (File name: 07_Firework)
8 Li Xiang Peng (File name: 36_Firework)
9 Lijuan Jing  (File name: 31_Firework)
10 Serena  (File name: 16_Firework)
11 Ricky Han (File name: 21_Firework)
12 Yun Xia (File name: 11_Firework)
13 Karen Wang (File name: 32_Firework)
14 Jin Li  (File name: 44_Firework)
15 Karen Wang (File name: 14_Firework)

Utah photo trip

One of NTAPA 2017 activity is a week long New Mexico/Utah photo trip in May led by president Dan Tian. It is a big success. There are more than 20 people participated. Everyone enjoyed the trip and took home a lot of good memories. Please see some of their photos.


2017 exhibition photo

NTAPA 2017 exhibition are open to the public at Eisemann Center in Richardson till the end of July. Here are the small size of digital copy. By the way, please vote one image you like the most. Thank you.

在 Deep Ellum 街拍 (文:冉靜/攝影:冉靜,李瑾) – 摄影专栏 2017-04-07

春天的清晨,乍暖還涼,略帶冷冽的晨風徐徐而來,輕柔地拂去殘留的睡意,讓人一下子就神清氣爽起來。在太陽剛剛跳出地平線的時候,我們攝影學會 Shirley 組一行六人,相約來到 Dallas Downtown 的 Deep Ellum Station, 開始了今天的街拍。

Deep Ellum 位於 Dallas 市中心東面,是著名的藝術和娛樂場所。在 19 世紀末開始修建成為 Dallas最熱鬧的住宅和商業區,擁有當時 Dallas 最大的商業店面,是 Dallas 最具歷史意義的街區。Deep Ellum 的真正成名是從上世紀二十年代開始湧入的大量的音樂家和藝術家,讓它成為早期爵士樂和藍調音樂的溫床,加上從八十年代開始城市允許藝術家們在墻上涂鴉宣傳音樂和藝術,眾多的色彩豐富風格迥異的涂鴉和餐館咖啡店夜總會紋身店畫廊,讓這裡熱鬧非凡,成為著名的藝術街區。

今天的街拍從抓住朝陽照在市中心高樓上的第一縷陽光開始。因為到的時候太陽已經跳出地平線,我們一陣手忙腳亂,取出相機,支好三角架,看著照在金屬雕塑上的陽光從柔和的金色很快就要變成了熾熱的白色,趕緊開拍!在一陣忙亂中,Shirley 老師不停地提醒大家多從不同的角度看看,尋找不同的景點不同的感覺。

拍過朝陽,我們開始掃街。Shirley 扛著三角架,帶著大家東看看西看看,在一排破舊的窗戶裡看到空曠的倉庫,陽光從有格紋的門外射入,光影斑斕,對面高架橋的倒影正好重疊在門上,形成一組奇異又和諧的畫面。因為是早上,行人很少,我們就自己做模特兒,在各種有趣的墻上涂鴉前或行走,或靜思,或裝酷,拍下想要的畫面和感覺。

在整個街拍過程中,Shirley 悉心指導,給我們耐心講解怎麼選景構圖,光圈大小是怎麼影響畫面的,提醒我們拍照前要想好自己想要表達什麼。我們一邊走,一邊看,一邊不停地拿相機比劃構圖,手腳和頭腦都忙得不亦樂乎!這是一次充滿藝術享受的街拍!