Photography Trips

Dear all,

The followings are tentative plans for 2018 group trips. Since the planning is always prospective, sometime it is hard to predict one’s schedule in the future. We are grateful to those who are willing to lead. As we are soliciting more trip planners we surely will continue to add more trips to the plan.

The following trip categories are suggested, but not limited to:

A. Flowers and foliage
1. Dallas Arboretum, Mid-March (planner: Paul Wang)

B. Wildlife and nature
1. Texas coastal birding, Shangri-la Botanical Garden, March 9-11 (planner: Lei Zhang)
2. Caddo Lake, late Oct. or early Nov., 3 days (planner: Wenchi)
3. Birding, UT Southwester campus, May 19 (planner: Mike He)
4. Birding, Bosque del Apache, NM, Nov 21-25 (planner: Mike He)

C. City architecture and urban life
1. Dallas skyline, Feb. 8 (closed. planner: Guangming Li)
2. Tennis photography, May or June, Frisco (planner: Xiaopeng Li)

D. Wild, wild West
1. Location TBA, Fall, 7-10 days (planner: Robin Lee)

E. Performances and shows

F. People and Studio
1. Model-shoot, Downtown Plano, Jan. 28 (closed, planner: Shirley and executive committee)

G. Night
1. Milky way, Ft. Griffin, West Texas, July (planner: Wenchi)

Questions can be directed to Lei Zhang 210-834-3508 or Yipin Wu 734-214-1271

Thank you. Happy releasing!
Zhang, Lei