Photo Critique Introduction

PHOTO CRITIQUE is a platform designed to help members exhibit, comment on, and critique photos. Its main purpose is to provide a transparent environment for photos to obtain objective evaluations and suggestions, so that the members can learn from the process. PHOTO CRITIQUE adheres to the principles of photography, objectivity, and mutual progress first and foremost. It encourages the photos as well as comments and ratings to be submitted anonymously. It analyzes and displays the result in real-time. PHOTO CRITIQUE was designed and implemented by NTAPA member John Cheng with the help of several other members. We welcome you to use our site and welcome any comments and suggestions. 

PHOTO CRITIQUE 是一个旨在帮助会员展示、评论和评论照片的平台。 其主要目的是为照片提供一个透明的环境,以获得客观的评价和建议,以便会员从中得到学习。 PHOTO CRITIQUE 坚持摄影、客观、共同进步的原则。 它鼓励匿名提交照片以及评论和评分。 它实时分析并显示结果。 PHOTO CRITIQUE 由 NTAPA 成员 John Cheng 在其他几位成员的帮助下设计和实施。 我们欢迎您使用我们的网站,并欢迎您提出任何意见和建议。