2024 Events

This page may contain partial information for the plans that are still under development. For the most up-to-date status please turn-in to the WeChat group notifications.


1/10Caddo Lake Photo critique and appreciationChen Ming
2/3日食星空银河极光Michael Zheng
3/17Training programs for beginnersWindus Wong
4/13Training programs for beginnersWindus Wong
4/Follow in the footsteps of master photographersSherry Huang

Field Trips

1/28Studio RRobin LiPortrait, and model photography. See note 1
3/10Dallas botanical gardens李瑾Flower photography. See note 1
3/23Jasper HighJohn ChengSolar Eclipse shooting practice
3/30SWMCSheila XuEgret
4/8EnnisGuangming LiSolar Eclipse shooting
4/19~21High IslandSharry HuangSmith Oaks Sanctuary
9/Aspen Colorado
11/Caddo Lake, Benton Lake, Lake Martin

Note: 1) 该活动对全新的会员提供一对一的咨询和指导,包括器材的选取,使用,及一些基础知识的解答,请有需要的新会员提前提出要求,以便领队指派老师。我们鼓励会员们邀请新朋友加入。

This event provides one-on-one consultation and guidance to new members, including the selection and use of equipment, and answers to some basic questions. New members who have such need please let the organizer know in advance so that we can assign a mentor. We encourage members to invite new friends.

Historical Events